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Recent WRC Filings Associated With Entergy Vermont Yankee

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Decommissioning Rulemaking

WRC Comments on Entergy Vermont Yankee's Post Shutdown Decommissioning Activities Report

Docket 8300 (Second Round ISFSI) filings as of 3/31/2016

Docket 7862 filings as of 1/17/2014

WRC Exhibits: These are exhibits that were admitted into the record by the WRC as part of the WRC’s cross examination of witnesses during technical hearings associated with Docket 7862.

 Docket 7440 filings as of 4/13/2012

Docket 7600 filings as of 4/13/2012

Docket 6545 and 7082 filings as of 6/15/2012

Previous filings can be found here.

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