Avoid the Crowds on the Trails: Go Early, Go Late

During Southeastern Vermont’s school spring break, each day WRC is offering some suggestions for hitting the trails safely this week . For Tuesday, we suggest that you GO EARLY, GO LATE. You’re likely to encounter far fewer people early in the morning or late in the day, helping you to practice good social distancing. Early risers will experience bird songs filling the air, while late-day enthusiasts will enjoy beautiful evening light. (But unless you’re familiar with the trail and have a good handle on when it get’s dark, it’s best to leave late day walks to those in the know.)

10 am is definitely the hour to avoid! WRC has been collecting trail use data for several years. The chart shows total use for one April weekend on a popular trail in Brattleboro, and for one weekend in July on a popular trail in Dover. Heading out early—really early—means you might have the trail entirely to yourself. Heading out at 10 am? You may have a lot of company. Go early or go late, but go safe.



Last Updated: 14 April 2021
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