Parcel Data Updates Available for Region Towns

Towns in the Windham Region continue to update their parcel data, and WRC has been collecting that data to make it available to the public.  With more towns updating their parcel data and tax maps on a regular basis, residents, professionals, and local and state officials have better access to information they need to live and work.

If you’re wondering how to access the parcel data, WRC’s parcel data web page,, is a good place to start.  WRC gathers parcel data from towns, processes it, and provides it to the Vermont Center for Geographic Information 

(VCGI), who then makes the data available to the public.  That process can take several months, so you can request the most current data directly from WRC.

If you don’t have GIS software, WRC makes available parcel boundaries in a Google Earth-compatible format (a KMZ file).  These files can be downloaded from WRC’s web site.  Another way to access the boundary data is through the Vermont Agency of Natural Resource’s on-line Natural Resource Atlas. 

Finally, several towns, including Brattleboro, Wilmington, Dover, Somerset, Weston, and Rockingham (and soon, Guilford) have their own on-line mapping applications, in which not just parcel boundaries, but owner information as well, can be accessed.   WRC’s information sheet on parcel data resources provides web address to these on-line applications, and to PDF tax maps as well.

Last Updated: 11 April 2016
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