WRC Offers Lidar and Ortho Viewer

Have you heard about all this new lidar data and wondered what it is and how to view it? WRC has created an on-line viewer that lets anyone explore not just lidar data, but also orthophotos (air photos) and USGS topographic maps.

What is lidar? It’s a technology allows us to create a high-resolution picture of the Earth’s surface; stone walls, old roads, historic river channels, and many other features become visible. Technically, this viewer doesn’t show you the actual lidar data, but one derivative product—a hillshade. It’s like a gray-scale image of the Earth if vegetation and buildings were stripped away. Other derivative products could include contours, slope, and aspect.

You can check out the viewer here: http://windhamregional.maps.arcgis.com

Good news! As of February 2018, the Windham Region (along with all of Vermont) now has complete lidar coverage!

Last Updated: 05 March 2018
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