Landscape-Based Forest Stewardship Planning – A Regional Approach

Project Goals

The basic overall goal of this project is to examine ways to “keep forests as forests.” To that end, the project:

  • developed a web mapping interface (done by ANR)
  • created a regional forest stewardship report that presents existing conditions, identifies threats to forest stewardship, discusses strategies that support forest stewardship, and develops a plan to implement these or other strategies in the Windham Region
  • undertook municipal outreach by working with Guilford and Halifax to implement some of these various strategies (mainly reviewing their town plan and making suggestions for enhancement)


WRC Report

WRC's Landscape-Based Forest Stewardship report is complete!  This document is the result of over a year of work in involving WRC staff, a project steering committee made up of local experts, and WRC's Natural Resources Committee.  The document outlines regional characteristics, discusses the threats to forestry in the region, provides information on forest stewardship methods, and presents recommendations and action steps to enhance forest stewardship in the Windham Region

  • Report, PDF (4 Mb)
  • report excerpt:  Recommendations and Potential Action Steps chapter, PDF


Web Mapping Interface, the Forest Stewardship Atlas

Vermont's Agency of Natural Resources created the Forest Stewardship Atlas, which provides access to many forestry-related data layers.


Other Useful Documents

  • Woodlands of the Windham Region - Our Working Landscape (The Conway School) link
  • The Forest Products Industry of Windham County Vermont:  Status, Challenges, and Opportunities (Doug Morin, UVM) link
  • Forest Fragmentation Action Plan (VNRC) link
  • Community Strategies for Vermont's Forests and Wildlife:  A Guide for Local Action (VNRC) link
  • Forest Fragmentation Community Planning Toolbox (VNRC) link