From the Director, August 2017 - WRC Busy with Many Water Resource Projects

Water quality in general, and the health of our streams, rivers, lakes and ponds, have been a priority of the WRC since its inception. We're doing a lot on the water front these days (pun intended)! Some of this is in response to the state's Water Quality Initiative, but all of it is a continuation of the Commission's commitment to active engagement in improving water quality and aquatic habitats.

High Meadows Fund Projects (HMF) - We've received notice that the following projects are conditionally awarded.

Green River Watershed Alliance - The Alliance will convene towns, watershed groups and arts groups to collaborate on reclassification efforts, water quality monitoring, natural resources inventory, riparian restoration work, river conservation easements, and coordination with local arts groups to build a stronger community identity with the river.

Saxtons River Watershed Collaborative - A mini grant will support the continuation of the work of the watershed group, which was launched with an HMF grant in 2015. This will be used for capacity building (continuing to apply for further grant funding), and administering/supporting community workshops in the watershed.

Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Ecosystem Restoration Program (ERP) Grants

Grafton Roads Advanced Geomorphic Study & Design - Project will prioritize river/road projects in Grafton, and conduct preliminary engineering designs on the highest-priority undersized bridges in Grafton on the Saxtons River and its main tributaries.

Adams Brook Stream Bed Restoration Implementation - Project is a previous recipient of two other ERP grant awards, and will complete the implementation of massive bed-armoring removal on Adams Brook in Newfane, thus reconnecting about 16 miles of upstream aquatic organism passage and habitat.

VTrans Better Roads Category A Grants for Road Erosion Inventories

The WRC GIS, water quality, and transportation programs are teaming up to provide technical assistance on road erosion inventories for towns, as funded by VTrans Better Roads grants. These inventories will help towns prioritize road drainage projects that improve water quality, as they identify road segments not meeting Municipal Roads General Permit (MRGP) standards on hydrologically-connected road segments.

Municipal Grants-in-Aid for MRGP Best Management Practices

Eighteen Windham Region towns applied for and were awarded funds to implement MRGP-compliant best management practices on hydrologically-connected road segments to be constructed during the Summer/Fall 2017 construction season.

For more information contact Emily Davis at extension 116.

Last Updated on 09 August 2017
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