WRC Formalizes the Clean Water Advisory Committee

Since the passing of Act 64, Vermont's Clean Water Act (VCWA), in 2015, the State as a whole has effectively adopted its "all-in" approach to water quality efforts. Directly relevant to regional planning commissions, the VCWA states that, "...if funding is available, ANR shall contract with regional planning commissions to produce or assist in producing basin plans."  While this assistance is mandated with the passing of this legislation, the WRC has independently enjoyed a long-standing working relationship with its respective DEC Basin Planner, Marie Caduto. In partnership with the DEC, the WRC's Natural Resources Committee has led efforts to assist in drafting the Tactical Basin Plans (or, a large watershed-scale planning document that identifies priority water quality projects in a basin), providing outreach to affected municipalities, and help prioritize projects based in part on local needs and interests. All this work related to Basin Planning, water quality outreach, and project implementation had been done through the existing Clean Water Advisory Committee (CWAC), which is an extension of the Natural Resources Committee.

Led by Staff Planner Emily Davis, Executive Director Chris Campany, and Natural Resources Committee Chair Gabrielle Ciuffreda, the WRC has recently formalized this commitment to water quality planning outreach and assistance by voting on the "Charge of the CWAC" during an Executive Board meeting on January 9th.

Fundamentally, the CWAC Charge states that the group "shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Commission and its Executive Board, relating to activities and policy development regarding the waters of the Windham Region." The CWAC will also, "provide local and regional input regarding project priorities and water quality issues important to the Windham Region, and serves in an advisory capacity to the WRC Executive Board and Full Commission."
Looking to the months ahead, the WRC will be soliciting participation in the CWAC from relevant stakeholders (such as municipal representatives, watershed groups like the Connecticut River Conservancy or the Southeastern Vermont Watershed Alliance, or relevant local community initiatives like the Green River Watershed Alliance), as it prepares to help develop the draft of the Tactical Basin Plan for the Deerfield River Watershed (Basin 12-13) and provide appropriate outreach or assistance to towns.

To see the full Charge of the Clean Water Advisory Committee, as approved by the Executive Board, visit the WRC's Water Quality page.

For more information about the WRC's water quality planning efforts overall, contact Emily Davis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or 257-4547 x 116.

Last Updated: 08 March 2018
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