State’s Lidar Program Will Offer Highly Precise Elevation Data for Windham County

Much of Windham County is about to get the most detailed, accurate, and comprehensive elevation data the area has ever had. These new data, generated from lidar (Light Detection and Ranging) technology, will give most towns in Windham County elevation data with an accuracy of 10 centimeters, and contours at 1-foot intervals.

Lidar will provide a picture of the Earth’s surface with 20 times more detail than we currently have available. It will allow us to see the lay of the land like we’ve never seen it before. Things like old roads and stream corridors, often obscured by trees on traditional air photos, can be seen on lidar imagery. Minor changes in elevation, not represented on our current 20-foot contour interval topographic maps, are readily apparent.

The Windham Region towns of Readsboro, Stratton, and Winhall already have lidar data, though not at quite as high a resolution. Still, the 20 cm accuracy and 2 foot contours for these towns are impressive. Most all other towns in the region, with the exception of those in the northwest corner, can expect the new, higher detailed data within a month or two. Data for the northwestern corner were collected in November 2016 and should be released within a year.

For a gallery of lidar images of Readsboro, Stratton, and Winhall, see below. Remember, the new Windham County data will be twice as detailed, and we’ll post some images from this new data set when it becomes available.


Readsboro:  Route 100 crossing of the West Branch of the Deerfield River:


Readsboro, abandoned Dutch Hill Ski Area:


Stratton, Long Trail crossing:


Stratton, brook at Rte. 100 and Penny Ave.:


Winhall, river terraces near the town offices:


Winhall, second home development along Todd Hill Road:


Winhall:  landscaping company at Lower Taylor Hill Rd:



Last Updated on 14 December 2016
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